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New remote-first university launches for UK students

Tomorrow’s Education becomes the first European startup to launch a university focused on sustainability, entrepreneurship and technology (@tomorrow_uni_)

Former N26 CTO and higher education expert launch Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences* 

A European startup is launching a challenger university to educate the next generation of leaders to create solutions for a more sustainable society. 

Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences (ToU) is launching its remote-first learning platform to create smarter innovators to help improve global sustainability through programmes focused on sustainability, entrepreneurship and technology. The university will help to address one of the biggest global challenges ever faced; the need to accelerate the transformation towards a sustainable society.

Part of Tomorrow’s Education, ToU’s goal is to empower future leaders to drive positive change a scale through a revolutionary approach to education. At launch, it will offer three bachelor programmes including B.Sc. in Tech + Data, B.A. in Responsible Entrepreneurship and a B.A. in Product Experience and Design.

ToU aims to help inspire future leaders in the climate tech space, something that Bill Gates recently predicted will “produce 8 to 10 Teslas, a Google, an Amazon and a Microsoft” in an interview as part of the virtual SOSV Climate Tech Summit

Globally-accessible, flexible learning

Founded by N26’s former CTO and a higher education expert, ToU is accessible from anywhere in the world. It ditches traditional lectures in favour of challenge-based learning and competency-defined personalisation. The data-driven learning platform allows learners to define what they want to achieve before starting their course. Knowledge is acquired in a modern, active learning format at the learner’s own pace through interactive sessions, lasting around 15 minutes. 

Mentoring opportunities 

Alongside the digital platform, a partnership with Impact Hub Berlin gives learners access to 100+ Coworking Spaces / Learning Hubs and 24,000 like-minded learners around the world. Learners also have the opportunity to be mentored by 30+ experts who are backing Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences. Experts and mentors supporting the new learning platform at launch work for companies like Apple, N26, Tier, Google, Share, Wandelbots and Delivery Hero.

Thinking in sustainable ways 

ToU uses the European startup and innovation scene to help tomorrow’s business leaders create a more sustainable society through creativity, courage and entrepreneurial drive. Its courses are designe​​d to develop entrepreneurial thinking and acting, technological understanding, self-management, cooperation and critical and analytical thinking.

21st Century skills for jobs of the future 

In addition to addressing sustainability issues, ToU aims to help close the widening gap between education and the skills needed in 21st Century jobs. For many years, traditional education has not been adequately preparing learners for the modern working world, leaving some organisations and industries with a talent shortage. A recent report into the future of work claims that by 2030, more than 85 million jobs worldwide could go unfilled because of a shortage in skilled staff. ToU is determined to change this. 

ToU co-founder Christian Rebernik said:

 “The next generation of leaders don’t want to work for companies that pollute the environment. Companies that are not carbon neutral will have a hard time attracting talent. Today’s learners care about sustainability – they are the drivers behind tomorrow’s change. However, research shows that many of the traditional universities are not responding quickly and effectively enough. We launched Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences to help people create a more sustainable society – on a platform that addresses their needs. We are the first organization to combine this modern way of learning with an emphasis on sustainability and responsible entrepreneurship.”

ToU Co-founder Dr. Thomas Funke added: 

Tomorrow University of Applied Sciences is built to live up to and improve upon the original founding ideals of the greatest of all European universities – ideals that have unfortunately been abandoned by some of those very same institutions. We want to rectify this by continuously challenging ourselves to reach further, challenging our learners to accomplish more, and eventually challenging others to follow our lead. Coupling intellectual development with experiential learning, our platform is designed to grow the learners’ competencies – the core of what learners need to solve the biggest challenges of our time – through a curriculum and challenge-based experience based on decades of scientific research on effective learning.” 

“The University of Applied Sciences will be located in TechQuartier, being the central innovation platform for Hessen alongside with many other tech-companies and startups” added Sebastian Schäfer, Co-Founder, Techquartier.

Mario Barosevcic from Emerge Education said: 

“As the need for 21st-century skills changes rapidly, universities all over the world are failing to adapt at the pace needed. At the same time, online education is no longer seen as optional but rather as the only way forward and the greatest way to meet the increasing need for affordable access to a fast-growing, global student population. Tomorrow University is at the forefront of this change – a student-centered digital, engaging and immerse learning experience and a global network of world-class mentors helps acquire future skills and a truly entrepreneurial mindset needed to create a better, more sustainable tomorrow.” 

Challenges, not theory 

Learners are given challenges to master, instead of memorising theory. Together in cohorts, they learn in an application-oriented and relevant way. This allows fun, freedom and creativity in finding solutions to real-world problems. 

Perfect for flexible learning

ToU programmes are designed for graduates or professionals who want flexibility and get ready to master the challenges ahead. The courses can be flexibly combined, also known as stackable degrees. This means learners can start courses on various topics, such as AI, and combine them to acquire a degree.

The Bachelor programmes enable learners to gain work experience or to travel the world, in addition to studying. For professionals, ToU has a partnership with the renowned WU Executive Academy in Vienna, and jointly offers a Professional Master in Sustainability, Entrepreneurship and Technology. 

“I am amazed how our innovations in terms of content, set-up and delivery resonate with our exceptional students. It is beautiful to see how an outstanding group of professionals from all walks of life, very diverse as to professional, cultural and educational background can so push forward with their great ideas on how to tackle grand societal challenges. I am really excited to see that ToU will also make that possible for its bachelor students – and we are happy to contribute,” added Barbara Stöttinger, Dean, WU Executive Academy. 


The accredited Bachelor programmes are designed for six semesters. Delivered in English, the programmes have 180 ECTS credits. Places on each programme are limited to 25 students. 

The programmes cost €550 per month, which can be funded through cryptocurrency and future work. Substantial scholarships are available online 

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