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Degree student Natalie felt at home after deciding to continue her studies at Brecon Beacons College

Natalie Downton, a past student, and now current degree student felt at home after deciding to continue her studies at Brecon Beacons College (part of @NPTCGroup of Colleges). 

Nineteen-year-old Natalie moved to Brecon just after her GCSEs. From having a vague insight into the world of business, Natalie wanted to learn more. After looking around at other post 16 education sites she felt like Brecon was the favourite and goes onto say:
“I was looking around to see what was right for me, and after having an interview with my lecturers about starting the course, I knew it was the one. They were really encouraging and you could tell that they wanted the best for me.”

Natalie, who studied for a Level 3 BTEC Extended Certificate in Business, goes onto say: “There is so much variety on the course such as criminal and business law, recruitment and lots more, it really gives an introduction into the world of business.”

Natalie, who passed her course with Merits in the middle of the pandemic adds: “The lecturers made it so easy, they were always on hand even with the current circumstances, it was strange adapting to working from home, but the lecturers made it so everything still felt the same.”

In October 2020, Natalie started the three year BA (Hons) Business Management and IT at Brecon Beacons College. Natalie said: “l decided that staying in Brecon Beacons College just felt right. I wanted to go to university, and after looking around at various universities, Brecon was the one I wanted to stay with.”

It was clear to Natalie that Brecon had everything she wanted, and she was able to further her knowledge in the business industry at her doorstep. She adds: “I already knew the lecturers and they knew me, it was a no brainer for me to stay and gain further qualifications.”

Natalie is excited to further her knowledge and find the career path she wishes to pursue after her degree.

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