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NPTC Group of Colleges and China

NPTC Group of Colleges and China

As the COVID-19 pandemic broke in Spring of 2020, NPTC Group of Colleges (@NPTCGroup) launched its ‘Supporting our colleagues in China’ campaign. This campaign involved rapid digitalisation to continue delivering outstanding training to its Chinese Vocational College clients.

The College quickly developed an online External Portfolio Assessment for Chinese students studying at its partner college in Shanghai. As a result, 21 students completed their programme and obtained their certificates in July 2020, despite the pandemic. This allowed students to progress to the next level of their programme. There will be over 100 students in China enrolled on NPTC Group of Colleges programmes in 2021 from Colleges in Shanghai and Harbin. These programmes are studied in China, in Chinese and delivered by their Chinese Teachers.

In Beijing, NPTC Group of Colleges successfully responded to growing demand as China emerged from lockdown by using tools, such as Voov (Tencent) and the WeChat Video Conference platform to provide teacher training. In Harbin, NPTC Group of Colleges delivered its Foundation Award in Teacher Training to vocational teachers, by condensing its face-to-face course into an intensified ‘bite-size’ online programme, delivered over six, half-days. This online Teacher Training has been developed further with more advanced delivery taking place in 2021.

In addition, NPTC Group of Colleges, through online conferencing, has delivered five Curriculum Development projects, with more planned.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and as the challenges continue, NPTC Group of Colleges demonstrated agility in redeveloping its training programmes and rapidly moving its delivery modes to online. As a result, and with its on-the-ground team in China, it continues to grow its footprint and client base in China, despite the challenges posed by the pandemic.

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