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Pearson announces extended tutoring support for schools across England after engaging thousands of pupils in 2020/21

@pearson has today announced it will support pupils in Years 4 to 11 with two tutoring streams from this September, following a highly successful partnership with the National Tutoring Programme that engaged thousands of pupils in its first year.

For the second consecutive academic year, Pearson has been selected as a National Tutoring Programme (NTP) partner.

Using only fully-qualified teachers, Pearson delivered almost 50,000 tutoring sessions for students in primary and secondary between November 2020 and June 2021 and saw an increase in assessment scores of 67% across all regions, subjects and key stages as a result. Assessment increases were particularly high among pupil premium children: up to 80% for Year 11s, and 90% for Year 6s. In Maths-specific tutoring, Pearson achieved an 88% increase in assessment scores before and after tutoring across all key stages and regions.

Now, in addition to its role in the NTP, Pearson has also launched a Direct to School tutoring offer designed to help even more students of all abilities. The programme, which also guarantees fully qualified teachers, is available to ALL schools in England and has no restrictions on the number of subjects supported per pupil. It can be subsidised by up to 75% using the DfE’s school-led grant scheme or purchased independently by schools.

Pearson’s NTP programme will continue to be offered to state-maintained schools and academies, with a particular emphasis on supporting those from disadvantaged backgrounds (at least 65% of tutored pupils must receive Pupil Premium),

Commenting on Pearson’s extended tutoring offer, Sharon Hague, Managing Director for Pearson Schools Qualifications said: 

“Pearson is proud to remain a part of the national effort to broaden access to high-quality tutoring for the pupils who have been most affected by school closures, and we’re excited to help even more learners this year with the addition of tutoring that is available directly to all students at all schools. FE colleges can also buy tutoring directly from Pearson (unsubsidised) to help those students taking GCSEs in English and maths.

“In 2020/21, we supported thousands of students with 1,500 fully-trained tutors – and almost 50,000 hours of tutoring delivered. This year, we’re excited to see those numbers rise further, as we extend the support we offer to include students across years 4 to 11, introduce Reading sessions for KS2 learners, and encourage educators to make the most of available funding for Direct to School tutoring.”

About Pearson’s tutoring offer

Unlike some tutoring programmes, Pearson provides only fully qualified teachers as tutors, meaning that schools opting for either one of their schemes need provide no additional training or checks. All Pearson tutors have experience of the National Curriculum, and awareness of specific school challenges.

As the UK’s leading provider of curriculum resources, qualifications and national assessments from 5–19, Pearson is in a unique position to provide high quality tuition from a large network of teachers nationwide, in-person and online, using standardised lesson materials, assessments and online services. As a result, schools can be sure that the work completed during Pearson’s tutoring sessions directly compliment pupils’ classroom-based learning.

Tom Preston, Assistant Principal at Arrow Vale Academy in Worcestershire, described his experience with the company’s tutoring provision in 2020/21: 

“Pearson have been exceptional,” he said, “we had to use some other providers for Humanities and the difference is stark!”

Hope Meritt, who teaches at Wood Green Academy in Wednesbury – where 22% of students qualify for free school meals, 30% receive PP, and 12% have special educational needs – added: 

“The sessions have gone well. There is a good level of enthusiasm from the children and they are enjoying themselves in the sessions.”

Elsewhere, students themselves vocalised their satisfaction with Pearson’s tutoring support. Over 45,000 tutor ratings indicated that learners had high levels of confidence (72%), understanding (76%), and engagement in sessions (85%).

One of those pupils is Jasmine at Woodlea, who commented: 

“I love tutoring! I like how every activity is fun and I like it because it’s not just like the average English lesson… When I do a subject in class, I feel like I’m so much more confident.”

For both of Pearson’s tutoring services – Direct to School and NTP – schools and settings can buy blocks of tutoring, submit their requirements, and select Pearson-screened and trained tutors online. Tutoring is predominantly available for small groups, with research showing that this approach can boost students’ progress by several months.[1]

Pearson will continue to deliver its online tutoring sessions using a live online tutoring platform provided by Bramble, a highly experienced partner that has itself delivered over a million hours of online tutoring to date. 

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