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Personality Tests to Help You Pick the Right Career

Personality Tests to Help You Pick the Right Career

Self-awareness is important for choosing a career path for yourself. Usually, people get inspired by seeing someone else excelling in a particular job field and choosing the same field. However, their personality traits do not match with the job responsibilities they have to complete. So, they end up being frustrated with the job and can’t do their best. This is where a personality test comes in extremely handy!

What is a personality test, and why is it important?

To avoid unwanted challenges in a job, taking a personality test before entering a particular career field always works in your favor. A personality test evaluates your strengths, weaknesses, interests, likes and dislikes, and more. Thus, a personality test can work as a tool to help you plan your career a better way. Also, you can have a better-informed choice of career.

A variety of personality tests are available online. Some are free, while others may charge you some fee. For example, suppose you are about to take up a career option. Then you can try personality testing, the ultimate guide result by artificial intelligence, to know more about your personality type.

Moreover, they help you build a better resume and cover letter. Here is the list of some most popular career personality tests that employers conduct for the candidates for a specific job profile, and you can also try them if you want to become self-aware.

Career Tests

A career test is ideal for checking the career options matching your personality and needs the same potential as yours. With career aptitude tests, you come to know better about your potentials which helps you narrow down your career choices.

 Also, a career test gives you a clear idea about which job profile is compatible with your skills and values. After having a career test, you learn about the work environment and workplace culture to help you grow. Along with discovering about yourself, some tests also provide you with a detailed list of career options that may fit your interests.

Intelligence tests 

Intelligence tests are designed to measure an individual’s intellectual capability, not what is learned in school or college. These tests might be expensive as the licensed professionals administer them. 

These tests include logical reasoning, nonverbal reasoning, problem-solving, and more. These tests help you choose viable career opportunities depending upon the score in the tests and educational backgrounds.


The inventories are the checklists containing factors that you can relate to or not. So, based upon these inventory factors, the inventories provide the job summary that fits your interests. Also, measure how much your interests match the people who are already in a specific job field. You can do your self-assessment by inventories administrated by professionals. Also, many companies that have published their inventories online hire professionals to administer these inventories.

Using inventories, you may come to know about some hidden personality traits that can influence your decision to choose a career. Some famous inventory tools are Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), NEO Personality Inventory, etc.

Personality tests 

The personality tests evaluate the emotional intelligence, understanding, and other psychological factors about an individual that make him do a job efficiently. Most career counselors conduct this test to know certain personality traits of the candidates.

 These personality traits further decide the job performance of a person. If you want to pursue some career option with uncertainty, going for a personality test is the wisest decision. The right way to get an accurate result is that don’t pretend to be an ideal human being while answering the questions.

Motivational tests

Motivational tests determine that what work and which problems motivates you to give your all efforts. These are quite similar to inventories and personality tests. These tests help people to know what drives them to achieve their goals. Job seekers should try this test to choose an organization that can help them select a suitable work culture.


Employees do their job better if they love and show interest in their job responsibilities. And, this perfection comes only when you have the right skillset and mindset to accomplish the tasks. On the other hand, a person will always achieve if their personality characteristics don’t match the job profile. Therefore, to overcome these challenges, it is recommended to go through personality tests before choosing a career.

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