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Policy group calls for Lifelong Career Guidance Guarantee

The Career Development Policy Group (CDPG) is urging the government to give everyone in England access to lifelong career guidance.   

The call for a Career Guidance Guarantee in England launches at an event today (20 October) as part of several recommendations made by the CDPG to embed enhanced career guidance throughout the education and employment systems. 

The call for a Career Guidance Guarantee in England comes as youth unemployment is growing and many working people are facing challenging times in their careers – many need to retrain or change their jobs.  

People’s potential remains unrealised and unmatched to the needs of the economy, deepening the skills shortage.  This problem is made worse because support for career development in England is fragmented and unclear.  

Once students have left education it is unclear where career support should be accessed. Working people also need career development and support for career change to underpin a dynamic labour market. 

Career guidance helps people to manage their life, learning and work. People’s careers develop over the years and so they need access to career guidance throughout life. 

Providing an entitlement to career guidance for all young people and prioritising more intensive support for people who are facing redundancy or who are recently unemployed will result in more productive outcomes for job seekers and employers. 

The CDPG, including leaders from iCeGS, The Careers Research & Advisory Centre (CRAC) Ltd, CDI, Institute of Student Employers, Careers England, AGCAS, and Qdos Education is calling on government to: 

  • Publish a national lifelong strategy for career guidance involving employers, education providers and careers professionals.  
  • Challenge youth unemployment through an entitlement to career guidance for all young people. 
  • Support lifelong career development through meaningful access to the National Careers Service for everyone over the age of 18 
  • Finish the Gatsby revolution in schools with a trained careers leader in every school and college, and fund personal guidance for all students  
  • Develop graduates’ careers with a clearer and more coherent national system capable of guaranteeing access to career guidance for all graduates  
  • Ensure quality and professionalism through an assurance that those who provide career development services within all government programmes are appropriately qualified 

“There is extensive evidence which demonstrates that career guidance is an important part of the education and employment system. Where career guidance functions effectively, it supports the effective functioning of labour markets and skills alignment, bringing economic and social benefits,” says David Morgan, Chief Executive of the Career Development Institute.

“We believe that England should develop its existing career guidance system and give its citizens a career guidance guarantee.” 

The CDPG brings together a range of organisations who believe that it is essential that citizens have an opportunity to access support in their careers. The group works with the Government and other stakeholders to develop policies and initiatives that support career development. 

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