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Barnsley College’s Health, Science and Social Care Professions students gain university-level skills

@BarnsleyCollege’s Health, Science and Social Care Professions students have been given the opportunity to further their knowledge of university-level study by Course Leader, Claire Gedney.

Claire’s students are all preparing to embark on a higher education journey into the healthcare industry and she hopes to ensure all her students earn the highest grades possible in their current Level 3 study programme at College.

Referencing and citations are amongst the variety of university-level research methods Claire is using in her teaching to best equip her students for their futures. By practicing this way of working, students are gaining the skills and knowledge required to think critically and make informed choices.

Claire’s students now have the ability to interpret and retrieve relevant data from graphs and tables and include epidemiological context which looks at incidence, distribution and the possible control of diseases relating to health in their work.

Claire said: “These transferable skills will not only ready them for university but for employment within the health sector. Whilst the development of research skills is a challenge for students, once established, this skill always encourages that inquisitive mind, to always follow up thoughts with research and to make informed decisions, a transferable and extremely useful skill for life.

“At College we are committed to transforming the lives of students, staff and communities so I always tell my students that the harder you work for something, the better the reward will be when you achieve it.”

Dale Karim, Teaching and Learning Coach at Barnsley College, added:

“Claire’s work with our Health, Science and Social Care Professions students is a true reflection of the type of experience-led delivery that we are so proud to offer at Barnsley College.”

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