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Sellafield Ltd invests in future tech leaders with launch of new degree apprenticeship

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Sellafield Ltd will launch a new Digital and Technology Solutions degree apprenticeship this September.

Sellafield Ltd will launch a new Digital and Technology Solutions degree apprenticeship this September. The new scheme is designed to help the organisation plug the information and communications technology (ICT) skills shortage, by helping it ‘grow its own’.

The scheme will see up to 20 people complete a 4-year degree apprenticeship which will mix hands-on training with academic development.

Those who successfully complete the apprenticeship will receive a BSc (Hons) degree in Digital and Technology Solutions. Apprentices earn while they learn and will receive a starting salary of over £22,000.

Following a competitive tender process, the scheme will be provided by QA Ltd. QA has a long history of vocational training, and already provides training across the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) group.

Jo Bishenden, managing director of apprenticeships at QA, said:

“We’re delighted to work with Sellafield Ltd to deliver this apprenticeships programme. The skills gap is one of the biggest challenges facing the UK economy. To tackle it businesses need to develop innovative ways to nurture new talent and this is precisely what Sellafield has achieved.

“The apprenticeships programme presents an incredible opportunity for people to learn a variety of key skills in one of the UK’s most interesting work environments.

“Graduates of the programme will acquire some of the world’s most sought-after expertise in an industry that is only going to grow in importance as we seek to tackle climate change.”

Ian Gorley, pathway lead at Sellafield Ltd, said:

“We’re partnering with QA Ltd to offer an exciting new degree apprenticeship scheme.

“This will offer apprentices a fantastic learning environment, with hands-on experience in one of the most fascinating and complex technological sites in the country.

“There is a well-documented ICT skills gap across the country, and we are keen to help address this, by offering our own bespoke apprenticeship, which meets our needs and recognises the skills and interests of our future talent.”

The scheme will see apprentices complete a number of placements across the organisation, including in ICT, cyber security, operational research, asset information systems, and applications. The new apprenticeship completes the company’s other ICT and technical skills career pathways, which include a technical degree apprenticeship and 2 graduate programmes for ICT and technical skills. Sellafield Ltd offers 17 degree apprenticeships, through a range of suppliers, as well 9 other apprenticeship schemes.

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