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Welsh employment rate hits new record high

Welsh Secretary Alun Cairns welcomes the latest figures, released today by the Office for National Statistics

  • The employment level in Wales is up 13,000 on the quarter and up 31,000 on the year. The employment rate is now at a record high at 74.2%, beating the previous record high of 74.0%.
  • The unemployment level in Wales is down 1,000 on the quarter and remains unchanged on the year. The unemployment rate is now 4.3%.
  • Total employment for the UK is up 42,000 on the quarter and 313,000 on the year. The employment rate is now at 75.6%.
  • Total unemployment for the UK is down 65,000 on the quarter and down 124,000 on the year. The unemployment rate is a record low of 4.0%.

Secretary of State for Wales Alun Cairns said:

These impressive figures demonstrate the UK Government’s determination to foster sustainable job creation across Wales, which continues to grow each year.

It is clear that the unwavering commitment of the UK Government to promote export opportunities for Welsh businesses and encourage inward investment from far and wide has created an economic environment which supports greater job creation and prosperity across Wales.

While it is great to see that UK unemployment levels are at a record low, my efforts will continue in demonstrating the strength of the Welsh economy worldwide and encouraging further investment from overseas. This will allow us to keep punching above our weight amongst the other UK nations and beyond.

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