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Public Services students are put through their paces

Barnsley College Public Services students took part in the Royal Marines ‘Look at Life’ course, where they embarked on an intensive week-long training exercise with one of the UK’s elite forces, the Royal Marine Commandos.

The students participated in a variety of activities including the famous Royal Marine Commandos endurance course, and the challenging bottom field and assault course, all done at the Royal Marines training centre in Devon.

This rare opportunity allowed students with aspirations of joining the military to learn the basic skills of a Royal Marine Commando and train with potential Royal Marines undergoing basic training with the supervision of some of the Royal Marines’ most experienced instructors.

Megan Slater, a Level 3 Public Services student, said:

“As the only girl on this trip, I found it very daunting but after the first day I was fine. The course is a good insight of what a Marine’s life is like. The training camp makes you want to push yourself to your limits and makes you realise that you can do more than what you actually thought. I have developed my team work skills, improved my punctuality and confidence, and I have become determined.”

Luke Hellewell, Public Services tutor, added:

“All students pushed themselves both physically and mentally within what is considered to be one of the longest and most arduous basic training programmes in the world. The students were a credit to themselves and the College.”

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