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Pupils put their engineering skills to the test in technology tournament

Pupils from nine local schools and colleges in Huddersfield were challenged to showcase their design, engineering and construction skills at this year’s Rotary Technology Tournament.

The event was held at Kirklees College’s Engineering Centre and formed part of the college’s Employability Week activities, aimed to inspire the next generation of engineers and scientists.

Delivered in conjunction with Huddersfield’s four Rotary clubs (Denby Dale, Holmfirth, Huddersfield and Huddersfield Pennine), pupils were set the task of designing and building a beacon with a flashing light on top, and displaying an advertising billboard. The challenge for the students was to create a device where the beacon caused the light to flash without manual intervention.

Marks were awarded on the success of their construction and also on a document which the pupils compiled during the project, detailing how they approached the task, the design and how they built it. Certificates are awarded to the top teams in each age sector. VIPs from Rotary, schools and the Mayor of Kirklees were in attendance.

Winners on the day included:


Bronze: King James’s School

Silver: Huddersfield Grammar School

Gold: Colne Valley High School


Bronze: Colne Valley High School

Silver: Honley High School

Gold: Huddersfield Grammar School


Bronze: Greenhead College

Silver: Huddersfield High School

Gold: Huddersfield High School

“Rotary Technology Tournaments are a challenging and enjoyable way for young people to enrich their STEM learning skills and develop the important attributes of planning, teamwork, communication and timekeeping, all transferable skills for the world of work. This is the second year we have held the tournament at Kirklees College’s Engineering Centre, and it’s a fantastic opportunity for the pupils to see the facilities at the centre, and where engineering can take you,” said Richard Wynne of the Rotary Club of Denby Dale and District. 

Kirklees College help people of all ages reach their career potential and offer courses in engineering, construction, process manufacturing and motor vehicle, to name a few. Their Open Days are a great way to see the facilities and speak to the tutors. 

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