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Queen’s University Belfast strengthening employee visa and immigration compliance training

Queen's University Belfast

Queen’s University Belfast adopts Enable Now to strengthen employee visa and immigration compliance training

The People and Culture Directorate at Queen’s University Belfast is deploying MHR Analytics’ knowledge content management and upskilling solution, Enable Now, to optimise employee performance around visa and immigration compliance.

The University is one of Northern Ireland’s largest employers with approximately 4,200 employees, contributing 1.9 billion to the UK economy. Already a long-time partner of MHR Analytics, Queen’s University will use Enable Now to create eLearning material to support employees with responsibility for the recruitment and employment of individuals and the carrying out of right to work checks, ensuring compliance with the law.

Enable Now uses automated software to provide real-time learning material on any key line of business, empowering organisations to create, manage and deliver all aspects of knowledge transfer and performance support in a single automated solution. It includes training materials, step-by-step user guides, tests and animated videos to deliver online educational resources to employees, making training more cost-effective and less time consuming. Intelligent and bespoke eLearning can be used across multiple departments and locations with unprecedented speed and flexibility.

Glenn Campbell, Head of HR Services at Queen’s University Belfast, said: “It is important that we provide ‘best of breed’ tools and systems to help our People and Culture team successfully support the University’s core activities of research and teaching.  This is particularly vital in relation to an area such as recruitment where employees may deal with challenging legislative areas.”

“Institutionally, we’re committed to developing a ‘Digital University’ as clearly defined within our Corporate Plan objectives.  Within People and Culture, we need to be sure we have an accurate picture of our critical people data, and partnering with MHR Analytics has enabled us to implement a series of high quality solutions such as Business Objects to help us develop a solid data foundation as a platform for deriving valuable insights on our people.” 

“From here, we can make ‘data driven’ decision-making integral to what we do.  The end-result is that we are more effective in planning for future scenarios, and we have better informed policy development, managing our resources more effectively.”

“The Enable Now solution underpins all of this by providing a modern, professional approach to empowering employees with the knowledge to best utilise these tools through intuitive online documented content which accelerates learning. Enable Now has the bonus of additional features such as the ability to create excellent e-learning content.”

Nick Felton, MHR Analytics SVP, said:

“Queen’s University Belfast is a dynamic, ambitious university and having worked with Glenn and some of the People and Culture team for a long time, it is no surprise they have opted for this solution which will be another excellent addition to their suite of tools, enabling them to continue adapting their delivery models to keep pace with the competing and evolving demands of the higher education sector.” 

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