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Pools of young talent at Newbury College

On Thursday 25 April, Newbury College invited a selection of businesses to attend the launch of its ‘Careers not Courses’ campaign, that begins to address skills gaps and dwindling talent pools by creating a forum for conversation and partnership opportunities.

The initiative will be driving industrial placements and career opportunities to enable students to learn and develop the skills needed to be in demand. 

Through recent consultation with local business, Newbury College has identified that 41% of businesses in the area are asking for better channels between business and education so that they can easily reach out, connect with and recruit young talent.

“Today’s discussion has opened the door between education and the employer.” Stated HR Consultant, Mark Dixon.

Lee Hunt (MBE), Vice Principal, Newbury College said “As an education provider we understand the importance of providing the right training for our students. It makes sense that we collaborate with the students’ future employers to create career-focused courses, teach the right skills and establish business partnerships to enable relevant work experience and career opportunities. These partnerships provides both better career prospects for our students and a valuable pool of young talent for business.”

Motor Vehicle Student, Phoebe commented, “Work experience is a valuable part of my course in developing the skills I need in the workplace”.

The event introduced College students and potential employers in an open discussion that specifically focused on developing the key soft-skills, such as communication, problem-solving and resilience, that 39% of businesses confirmed young recruits needed to develop. Ella Barrington, Corse Concierge, commented, “Today’s format was great and has provided much more insight into the life of the College and students. It has left me enthused to learn more and participate in this journey.”

‘Careers not Courses’ is part of a long-term National Government project to launch a brand new, fully-funded vocational curriculum designed and delivered in tandem with industry professionals; the T-Levels. Newbury College offers a full range of business services including, T-Level placement, Work Experience, Apprenticeships and Training.

The conversation is just beginning. Share your business insight in a short survey or to sign-up to future events, email Steve Greenwood, Employer Engagement Manager.

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