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Redesigned Nyenrode Exec MBA program champions future-focused leadership

Nyenrode Business Universiteit has revamped its Executive MBA to focus on issues that leaders of the future will face, including digitalisation, globalisation and sustainability.

New modules and study destinations in the US and South America will provide insight into global business trends and an overarching focus on personal leadership development.

According to Marjan Lubbers, Director of the Executive MBA:

“Within a few years, an unprecedented number of new technologies will change businesses and societies irrevocably. Innovations such as cryptocurrencies, blockchains, artificial intelligence, robotics and biotechnology are already knocking at the door, and it is our responsibility to arm our leaders of the future with the management acumen to maximise the potential of each.

“As digital innovations look likely to change both business models and the labour market, we have profoundly changed the focus of our teaching to deal with state-of-the-art topics including sustainability and globalisation. This course is targeted at those who champion their personal leadership development and want to bring their businesses into the future.”

Modules will now take place over 11 one-week periods, with students travelling to China, Uruguay, the US and South Africa for work projects.

Lubbers continues:

“It is hugely important for our students to receive a global education, and to understand how culture impacts the implementation of the newest innovations. Each student will take an active role in their learning, reflecting on their strengths and consciously developing their professional value. This personal leadership development is aided by work placements at international companies, chosen to complement and enhance their growing skillsets.

“As well as developing strong academic skills and becoming part of the expansive Nyenrode alumni network, this course will provide invaluable insight into tackling the problems that all organisations are likely to face as they embrace the coming wave of digitalisation. We want our Exec MBA students to leave with a stronger sense of their strengths, their goals, and a way to realise their ambitions of leading businesses into the future.”

Find out more about the program here.

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