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Saraswati Trust

Four deserving students have won a share of a £30,000 trust fund donated to NPTC Group of Colleges in 2007 by an anonymous local resident.

The Saraswati Trust Fund, named after the Hindu Goddess of knowledge, is dedicated to providing additional support to first year NPTC Group of Colleges’ students who have shown commitment, motivation and overcome adversity to continue their studies and achieve whilst at NPTC Group of Colleges.

The Saraswati awards are not monetary prizes but benefits in kind. For example, course materials, the cost of travel and accommodation to attend summer schools, taster courses, work experience placements in the UK and abroad and the purchase of specialist equipment.

The recipients this year are: Accounting student Jimson George, Level 3 Childcare Student Ellie James, Electrician Helen Jackson and Carpentry student Stephen Evans.           

Deputy College Principal, Keith Booker, said: “It is important for the NPTC Group of Colleges to be able to acknowledge our exceptional students for their hard work and reward their outstanding achievements and at the same time recognise the involvement and contribution of such well-respected and committed members of the community.”

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