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Scholarship opportunity for MsC Educational Assistive Technology (EduAT) @ University of Dundee

The Texthelp Group (@texthelp) offers MSc Educational Assistive Technology scholarship programme at the University of Dundee (@dundeeuni)

To encourage a new generation of Educational Assistive Technologists, Texthelp will offer a sponsored MSc EduAT scholarship at the Scottish university

The Texthelp Group will sponsor a student through a two year scholarship of the MSc Educational Assistive Technology (EduAT) at the University of Dundee. Students can apply from across the country but require an Honours degree at 2:2 or above in computing, education or a therapeutic subject, or an equivalent qualification or experience in assistive technology and special education. 

This new course, developed by the university, is designed for teachers, therapists and technologists seeking to learn more about supporting learners through assistive technology and aims to enhance the learning experience of students facing barriers to their education due to disability.

The recipient of the scholarship will learn how to assess and recommend the right tool for each person, ensuring the best learning environment for everyone regardless of background. By the end of the course, the graduate will have the skills and knowledge to work as an Educational Assistive Technologist, addressing a global shortage of professionals in this area.

According to the course requirements, the recipient must be employed by a Local Authority, Multi-Academy Trust or third sector school or college. This will allow them to work alongside Texthelp and bring tools into their workplace or school, documenting the journey along the way. The chosen student would also collaborate with Texthelp on a number of projects, including podcast participation, demo creation, and other speaker duties. 

Rick Bell, Head of Education at The Texthelp Group and Chairman of British Assistive Technology Association said,

“It makes me so proud that Texthelp are sponsoring a student to undertake this course at The University of Dundee. For the last 25 years, Texthelp has been growing and helping more and more people globally. To see the importance of assistive technology being recognised in this way, shows that the future is bright for people who need extra help to fully access the world around them.”

Rohan Slaughter, Senior Lecturer of Assistive Technology at University of Dundee, added,

“The University of Dundee is delighted to be partnering with Texthelp to launch the first scholarship for the MSc EduAT (educational assistive technology), providing a full fee scholarship for a student who is employed in a UK not-for-profit or charity-based education organisation. We developed the MSc EduAT scholarship programme so that not-for-profit organisations would be able to access the professional development that the MSc EduAT offers; training more professionals to implement and support the use of assistive technology within education will enable students with a broad range of disabilities to access the curriculum.” 

To find out if you are eligible for the scholarship and to apply click here.

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