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Schools and colleges eligible for free sanitary products

Period Poverty

Schools and colleges across the borough are being reminded that they can apply for free sanitary products to help fight period poverty amongst young girls.

The Government-led scheme allows schools and colleges to apply for products and could help girls struggling to afford them.

The issue was raised in the Make Your Mark Campaign 2019, being voted in the top five concerns in Havering.  Many local schools have already adopted the scheme.

Havering Youth Council carried out research into the issue and received feedback from more than 700 young people.

  • 8% did not know who was responsible for menstruation support in their school
  • 4% felt embarrassed to ask for products

The Youth Council have since worked with the Council’s Public Health team to put period poverty on the agenda in schools.

They would also like to see it included on the curriculum for boys and girls to help reduce the stigma associated with the periods and to ensure staff have an empathy and understanding of the issues young girls face.

Daisy Robins, Youth Council and previous London Youth Assembly Member, said:

“I sincerely hope that this scheme has a significant positive impact on the lives of all young people who currently face period poverty.

“Both Public Health and Havering Youth Council worked hard to directly respond to the issues raised to us by Havering’s young people in a way that was genuinely impactful and inclusive. 

“I believe this is another small step in the right direction in supporting young people in the ways they need it most and am proud to have been a part of this campaign.” 

The Council has provided guidance to schools about how they can support girls.

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