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SCL Education Group #BlazeATrail in Apprenticeship Provision #NAW19

In support of National Apprenticeship Week 2019, and in line with this year’s ‘Blaze a Trail’ theme, SCL Education Group are launching their campaign to showcase how they are leading the way in apprenticeship provision, and to celebrate their ongoing work within education and training.

Combining work with study for ambitious learners aged 16 and over, apprenticeships are rapidly changing the world of work. With government encouraging businesses to incorporate apprenticeship provision in their growth strategy, employers are now utilising their apprenticeship levy to fund their training and development.

The apprenticeship Levy, introduced in April 2017, encourages all employers operating in the UK, with a wage bill over £3 million each year, to invest in apprenticeships and training.

For Levy paying clubs, 90% of training will be covered by contributions to the apprenticeship service, with the remaining 10% funded by the government. Non-Levy payers are required to fund just 10% of training costs, with 90% covered by the government.

Having progressed their own workforce through the apprenticeship programme, and with experience in organising and managing apprenticeships across sports and leisure sectors, SCL know what it takes to deliver effective training that creates results for both individuals and their partners.

A recent Ofsted Monitoring visit recognised SCL’s involvement in “trailblazer groups”, delivering new standards, and working closely with organisations such as the chartered institute for the management of sport and physical activity (CIMSPA).

Inspectors reported that “senior leaders have a well-developed strategy to become a specialist provider, offering a high-quality apprenticeship, based mostly around sports coaching and physical education teaching”.

Lewis Field, SCL Chief Executive, explained:

“We are proud to be leading the way in the sports and leisure sector, and trailblazing with our courses which in turn support learners’ health and wellbeing.”

Priding themselves on giving back to the community, SCL help learners gain vital qualifications, work experience and employability skills.

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