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City College Plymouth’s Senior Leadership Team goes back to the floor

City College Plymouth’s most senior members of staff gained insight into the responsibilities of some of the College’s apprentices as it marks National Apprenticeship Week.  

As part of the College’s commitment to the wellbeing of students and staff, members of the Senior Leadership Team are keen to familiarise themselves with the day-to-day experiences of those who work and study here and came up with the idea to spend some time with some of our apprentices.   

Jackie Grubb, Principal and Chief Executive, and Ben Manning, Deputy Principal, went “back to the floor” on Tuesday 4 February, when Ben visited the College’s training kitchens at PL1, while Jackie worked alongside the reception staff. 

Ben, whose role of Deputy Principal involves making key decisions about curriculum and operational planning processes, helped the catering apprentices with their preparations for a business event later that day. 

Ben said: “It was an eye-opening experience to see for myself the training our apprentices undertake and to experience it from their perspective. The levels of professionalism and the skills on show at PL1 are exceptional. 

“It has been a while since I have been in a teaching role and it was refreshing to be among the students again. I have always known how skilled our catering apprentices are, but spending time with them today has really highlighted the levels of concentration and attention to detail that is expected of them.”

The College’s Principal and Chief Executive stepped into the role of a business and administration apprentice, and worked alongside the College’s busy reception team, where she answered the phones and helped with visitors’ enquiries. 

Jackie said: “It is a very demanding role and requires a lot of multi-tasking and an array of skills to deliver such high-level customer service. 

“City College Plymouth is very proud of what its apprentices are achieving: the College has the highest Apprenticeship achievement score of the region and second in the country. Only by working in such close partnership with employers are we able to deliver such great results.” 

National Apprenticeship Week runs until Friday 7 February. This event is in its 13th year and is held to celebrate the success of apprentices and for employers to share the benefits of taking one on.


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