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Senior Lecturer to host online workshop in collaboration with BBC Arts and the British Library

Liz Cable

A Senior Lecturer at Leeds Trinity University has been invited to deliver an online games workshop and participate in a panel discussion as part of an event organised by Leeds Libraries in collaboration with BBC Arts and the British Library.

Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader in Media and Marketing Liz Cable will deliver Games Jam: Novels that Shaped Our World, an online gaming event designed to introduce people to the joys of storytelling and reading by creating games inspired by the BBC’s 100 Novels That Shaped Our World.

Taking place virtually from Saturday 24 to Sunday 25 April, Liz will host a workshop on how to make an escape room adaptation of a book. Event attendees will use the BBC’s list of 100 novels which have had an impact over the last 300 years combined with technology and creativity to design their escape rooms, as well as video games, board games and card games.

Liz, who is co-author of Unlocking the Potential of Puzzle-based Learning: Designing escape rooms and games for the classroom, will also be sharing her expertise on escape rooms and games as part of a panel discussion on making games on Saturday 24 April. She will be joined by board game creator and educator Ann Jones, and Digital Curator for Contemporary British Collections at the British Library Stella Wisdom.

Liz said: “This games jam is a fascinating idea – all about adapting a favourite novel into a game. We’ve had some lively workshops in the run up to the main event, and you can catch up with these on the Leeds Libraries YouTube channel. There’s a Facebook group where you can form a team or join one, so even if you are a solo designer you can get involved. I’d love to see a dystopian-themed escape room developed – based on 1984 maybe or The Hunger Games.”

Stella Wisdom said: “It is wonderful to be collaborating with Leeds Libraries on their Games Jam this month, which encourages participants to create playful interactive adaptations of books in the BBC’s Novels that Shaped Our World list. Game jams are a brilliant way of bringing historic and literary digital library and archive collections to life; engaging with audiences in a creative way.”

She added: “I’m delighted to be speaking on a panel with Liz Cable and Ann Jones, where we will discuss our game making work in the spheres of education, communities and cultural heritage. Liz has a wealth of knowledge about all types of game making tools, apps and platforms, which she generously shares. I’m always learning from her and her involvement in this jam will inspire participants.”

Games Jam: Novels that Shaped Our World is taking place virtually from Saturday 24 to Sunday 25 April. All event sessions are free to attend. Find out more about Liz’s workshop on YouTube. 


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