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SERC Staff to Share Expertise at BBC NI “Teach Meet”

SERC Staff
@S_ERC – Dr Michael Malone Director of Curriculum & Information Services, Paula Philpott Head of Learning Academy and Stefanie Campbell, Deputy Head of Learning Academy, will be speaking at BBC Northern Ireland’s Digital Teach Meet next week. 

The Teach Meet – sold out due to the demand for skills in this area – offered an opportunity for teaching professionals in Northern Ireland to come together via Zoom to hear from a range of speakers, ask questions and share advice as they navigate the first few weeks and months of what is termed the “new normal”.   

Paula Philpott and Stefanie Campbell will be making a presentation on the importance of collaboration in this new era on Monday the 5 October, while on Thursday 8 October, Dr Michael Malone will be speaking on the subject area of “Rethinking education post lockdown”. 

Speaking about the Teach Meet, Paula Philpott said,

 “The pandemic caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19) has been like no other time in educational history. It has challenged our view of education. This new era provides an opportunity to change the landscape of education.  

“We have the opportunity to create a system which equips learners with the necessary skills, knowledge and habits of mind to thrive in what is becoming an increasingly unknowable future. Educators, parents, policymakers, awarding organisations and entrepreneurs all play a part in marshaling the power of innovation to transform and reimagine education. 

She concluded, “We are looking forward to being part of the conversation and sharing how SERC has worked in the lead up to and during this period of change. The strength to be found in coming together has never been more important.” 


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