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Series of free online videos to support home-schooling and skill development

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At the start of the COVID-19 outbreak and subsequent nation-wide lockdown, the team at @IATraining_Liv knew that they had to do something to try and support others. Understanding the demands being placed on parents to support with home-schooling, the team set about developing a series of bite-sized English and maths videos.

The adult education training provider, who is based in Liverpool, utilised the skills of their none-furloughed tutors to develop the bite-sized videos. These free resources demonstrated how English and maths could be embedded in to everyday tasks, such as working out how much paint was needed to decorate a room, how to write persuasively and how to burn calories.

Talking of the initiative, CEO Ian Green said;

“It is part of our ethos to give back and support others, and that’s just what these resources help us to do. We wanted to create some simple, easily accessible bite-size tools that would appeal to people of all maths and English abilities, and that’s just what we did. Our team of tutors worked on the project, putting their vocational knowledge and skills to good use. They had a lot of fun deciding on which theme to do next, with the video about burning calories going down a storm!”

All videos have been published on the training provider’s website as a free resource, and shared across their social media channels. Colleagues who have been home-schooling their children have commented how handy it was to have access to such resources.

But the resources also had another purpose. The team also wanted to support individuals to improve their numeracy and literacy skills during this time, in lieu of being able to support them face-to-face. By making these resources free and open to all, IA have given individuals from all social-economic backgrounds the opportunity to develop themselves. It is hoped that these resources will help to provide new knowledge and skills relating to English and maths, which individuals can then apply within the workplace (or to support them in gaining employment) once the lockdown measures are lifted.

There have been eight video resources created to date, all of which are available here.

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