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Staff at Haringey Sixth Rewarded with Significant Pay Rise

At a time of extreme funding pressure on post 16 education, one college is bucking a trend!

Staff at Haringey Sixth Form College have been rewarded with a significant 3.5% pay award across the board.

This is a reflection of the great work of all at the college.  All at the college are part of #TeamHaringey6. The college has rapidly accelerated student numbers and improved student outcomes. The board of governors has been prepared to commit to making significant investments in staffing and facilities. 

Leadership has been key and the pace and a trajectory of improvement has been the unwavering expectation. Staff has responded in the most positive way.

Russ Lawrance, Principal & CEO commented:

“The staff here are fantastic and you may have read in the press and heard on the news all the information on funding and cuts. This is true for all, but at the same time my responsibility is to this college.  We have to get on and do the job to ensure the best outcomes and best #H6Experience possible for all our students.

This has been possible through a relentless focus on the culture and principles that now drive across Haringey Sixth with current staff, students, future students and indeed future staff.

Russ added “As well as the investment in the physical learning resources it is important to invest in the other even more significant resource – the staff. We want the best staff for the best students in the best college delivering the best #H6Experience. So we have to resource that rhetoric”. It’s a tribute to the staff that I have been able on  behalf of the board of governors to announce that all staff at the college will receive an above sector pay rise of 3.5%.

We have very special people work as well as the amazing students who study here.

The staff has been very ambitious over the last three years, the college is building something transformational in Haringey. 

Haringey Sixth Form College plays a key role in improving the life chances of the young people in both the local community and across London. At a college like Haringey Sixth this role should never be underestimated. The college strives every day for excellence in everything it does.

Dave Wyatt, Chair of Governors said:  “It is this simple really: we run this college for the benefit of all students.”

The hard work of staff ensures that the students love the college and love the  #H6Experience!

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