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Staff celebrated at Havant & South Downs College dinner

Ten members of staff from Havant & South Downs College were recognised for their hard work and commitment at the Staff Star Awards Dinner 2019.

Nominations were made for several different categories, including ‘Outstanding Manager’ and ‘Outstanding Lecturer’, and the winners were invited to a VIP dinner at the College Restaurant on 8 May with Principal and Chief Executive, Mike Gaston.

The winners were:

  • Outstanding Member of Staff (just because) – Tam Jenkins
  • Outstanding Contribution to Student Development – Becky Carpenter
  • Outstanding Contribution to the College – Lesley Barrett
  • Outstanding Customer Service – Clare Smith, Louise Rafferty
  • Outstanding Learning Support – Suzan Smith
  • Outstanding Lecturer – Jo Edmonds, Becky Day
  • Outstanding Manager – Charlie Miller
  • Outstanding Newcomer – Susan Kirkwood Taylor

All ten winners enjoyed a five-course fine dining meal in the South Downs Campus restaurant, cooked by head chef of Lime Wood, Luke Holder, alongside Catering students.

Speaking about the evening, Jo Edmonds, from Alton College, said:

“We were invited to a fantastic dinner at South Downs Campus where we were met by Mike who gave a short speech to thank all of us for our work in and out of the College. We had an amazing five course dinner cooked by students but overseen by master chefs who are the best in the country. We felt very lucky.”

Also from Alton College, Clare Smith said:

“I was very happy to receive the Outstanding Customer Service Award, but I have to say that providing good customer service is no problem as I am lucky to be working with a great students and a supportive College staff here at Alton College. It was great to have a chance to meet with staff from our other colleges while enjoying outstanding food and service at the Restaurant at HSDC.”

Louise Rafferty, Pastoral Administrator at the Havant Campus, said:

“How wonderful to be recognised and be appreciated for my achievement in the new Student Hub.

“As frontline face I feel quite passionate to make sure that students and parents would feel comfortable and want to return”

Charlie Miller, Learning Manager at the Havant Campus, said:

“Being nominated by my team shows true recognition of the work we have done this year. I am exceptionally proud of what we are creating as A Level Centre of Excellence together.”

Becky Carpenter, Job Coach at the South Downs Campus, said:

“I was very surprised and pleased to receive my award and think that this is a wonderful way for the College to acknowledge the hard work of their staff. It was a wonderful evening, with fantastic food and excellent company.”

Suzan Smith, Academic Learning Support Assistant at the South Downs Campus, said:

“I feel very shocked and honoured to have received this award because I feel that the team that I work with all deserve this recognition for the amazing support that they provide for hundreds of students across the College.

“I believe that the support we deliver is incredibly outstanding, and the dedication and commitment of the team ensures that each students needs are met and that their journey at the college is significantly improved as a result of this support.

“The meal was spectacular, the atmosphere was relaxed, and the company was very enjoyable.”

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