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stem4 tips for a safe and happy Pride month

stem4, teenage mental health charity, wishes everyone a happy and safe Pride month this June. Everyone deserves to celebrate who they are, regardless of whether they are able to march with a pride parade or not. So, here are some quick tips for making the most of the month and having a happy pride from the comfort of your own home:

  • Make a pride playlist and spend a day – or month – listening to it!
  • Host a Virtual Pride with your friends – check your local pride to see if they are hosting a virtual event instead of a parade. Watch it and have a video call on the side to celebrate.
  • Make a pride painting – it could be a parade, a historical event, a flag or someone who inspires you.
  • Read a book with LGBT characters!
  • Host an LGBT themed quiz – test your family or friends on their history, pop culture and more.
  • Write a pride poem – whether it’s fun, serious or silly, let out what pride means to you

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