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Students go the distance to study Animal Care

Pictured (left to right) with Canine Therapet Meg are Sinead Wilson, Tiberius Fox, Megan Proctor and Louise Thomas.

Four Animal Care students at Borders College are making the journey from the Lothians to study the course of their choice, selecting the Borders over alternative institutions closer to home.

NC level 2 students Sinead Wilson, Megan Proctor, Louise Thomas and Tiberius Fox all travel from their homes in Edinburgh, Bonnyrigg and Pathhead 3 times a week to Borders College’s Newtown St Boswells campus. The four cite reasons including travel difficulties and there being no suitable or comparative course on offer at other colleges for them making the decision to travel to the Borders.

Sinead commits to a minimum commute of 2 and a half hours each way but finds the time spent on the train useful for study.

Megan says that she is happy to make the trip to the Borders, adding:

“It allows me to get out of my own area and see somewhere different, and I like the views of the countryside and seeing the deer, herons and buzzards.”

Louise on the other hand gave serious consideration to budget when making her choice of studying in the Borders, noting that it would be too expensive to drive to Oatridge from where she lives, and that being a resident student would have meant moving out of Midlothian:

“I get a lift over Soutra and get the bus from there straight to College, so it’s easy to get to.”

The decision to travel was made simpler for Tiberius due to having family in the Borders, with whom he can stay if necessary, something which is convenient for him.

Lecturer Gert Riddell said:

“Newtown is a small campus, which Tiberius prefers, and it’s also very friendly here.”

It’s interesting to hear that students are willing to travel a little extra distance in order to fulfil their career aspirations and gain the skills and qualifications they need, highlighting the fact that there may be other options available to those considering attending a college.

So if you have spotted a course you like at Borders College but are concerned it’s not within your immediate area, or you wonder how you would make the journey, please get in touch with our Student Advice Centre who can provide help and advice regarding travel costs and funding, as well as advise on the best method of travel for you depending on where you live.

Call the team today on 01896 662516 to begin your journey with Borders College – we would love to welcome you.

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