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Students produce a virtual fashion showcase

This years’ FDA Fashion and Textiles Design showcase was very different to usual. With lockdown measures meaning students couldn’t put on a physical show, they instead showcased their work through a dedicated Instagram page.

The FDA Fashion and Textiles Design course which is accredited by University of Gloucestershire, had four students enrolled this year; Sheeza Ayub, Amy Convery, Susan McCormok and Bitney Pyle.

For weeks leading up to the showcase they had behind the scenes look at the students work, giving us a sneak peak to the final looks. On 19 June, they showcased their incredible work throughout the day, from sustainable clothing, men’s tailoring, dresses and corsets.

Speaking about the Showcase Programme Leader, Susanne David, said “This is the first time we have tried something like this, launching final collection fashion work using purely a social media platform, so it was quite daunting for both their lecturer Natalie Hemmingway, and the students.

“Considering everyone was in lockdown in their respective houses, they all worked incredibly well as a team, producing a fantastic showcase of work. I was so proud of what they achieved in such difficult circumstances. It goes to show what a professional, dedicated, and inventive group of students they are. I’m incredibly excited to see them embark on the next steps in their careers.”

Student Amy Convery said about the course “We’ve had such amazing support on this course, and I have loved learning the digital skills that are so important these days. I am excited to start my own label or get industry experience once I finish. It will be a nice feeling when it’s done but also a bit of a loss!”

Student Sheeza Ayub added “You get so much more out of this foundation course than you would a full degree. We have so much top of the range equipment all under one roof, and learn so many skills, including life skills. When I’m finished, I would like to start my own fashion business, producing evening and occasion wear.”

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