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Students visit UKPN training centre

Students studying Electrical Installations at Sussex Coast College Hastings were given the opportunity to visit the UK Power Networks (UKPN) Training Centre for a day of demonstrations and career guidance.

16 Level 3 students travelled to the company’s training centre in Kent, where they were given a tour of the facilities and had chance to take part in a series of scenarios, similar to the ones that current and new staff use to train for their role.

The students watched demonstrations and then had a go at completing tasks using high voltage overhead power lines, high voltage substations, and cable jointing.

The group were also able to learn a bit more about the company and find out what it is like to work for one of the biggest cable maintenance companies in the country.

Lee Bennett, Electrical Installation Lecturer, said: “It was a fantastic day at the UKPN training centre. UKPN look after the power cables for the whole of London and the South East, so the students were able to get a good understanding of how to install and maintain electricity supplies on a very large scale.”

“The students were able to get stuck in with training tasks and the UKPN trainers were very impressed with how the students performed. Many of the group have been inspired by the type of career that they could have in the industry; some have even submitted applications to join UKPN as apprentices.”

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