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Styling it Out at North Kent College

Putting a twist on well-known classics was the theme running through the latest Lee Stafford Academy Event, as industry renowned hairstylist Martyn Holmes presented an evening of styling and creative innovations to employers, apprentices, students and parents at the Gravesend Campus.

During the evening Martyn was joined by the College’s Master Trainer, Tina Ayinde, and an Apprentice, Sinade Wrotham, to demonstrate 5 different recipes that the students are taught during their course. The audience were given the opportunity to ask questions and advice regarding not only the styles that were being created, but also information about The Lee Stafford Academy, being an Apprentice and what Martyn has learnt whilst working his way up the career ladder.

Emphasizing on how important it was to learn the basics and stay on top of industry developments, Martyn spoke of what he has learnt over the years, “It took me 10 years to learn my craft because I wasn’t ‘taught’, and teaching is so important. You can learn so much from others. It’s a massive journey and you never stop learning. If you haven’t got the passion and drive, then you haven’t got a chance”.

The employers were shown how the basic recipes could be utilised in their salons, to increase revenue from regular customers, as well as highlighting to the students that the styles could be used in many other ways such as fashion and editorial shoots, showcasing all the progression options they have on graduation.

It was the first experience of being on a stage for Apprentice Sinade, and not only did she demonstrate the skills she has learnt so far, but was also asked her thoughts on why she chose an Apprenticeship as an option for her studies. “I chose an Apprenticeship to get the hands-on experience in the workplace. I learn things in the salon and I feel prepared for future employment. It gives me opportunities and the best of both worlds”.

Bringing employers, students and parents together to highlight the talent within the Academy made for a highly enjoyable evening, and we want to thank everyone for attending and creating such a buzz- watch this space for the next one!

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