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Surging demand for data science skills in 2021

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Latest research from @LeWagonLondon discovers organisations are looking to significantly increase their data science headcount this year 

With data science lauded as the answer to COVID-19 recovery, organisations are planning to significantly increase their data science headcount this year. This is according to the latest research from Le Wagon, an educational leader in data science bootcamps. 

Some of the key drivers for this increase in demand from organisations include the fact that businesses are looking to increase operational efficiency, develop potential new revenue streams and to grow existing capabilities. 

The research — which surveyed Le Wagon alumni in addition to UK employer partners — discovered the importance of being equipped with the right skills required for the future, with over a half (64%) of data science course alumni stating that they chose to complete the course for this reason. It also highlights the opportunities that data science skills can bring, with just under a half (43%) saying they have benefitted from more career opportunities since completing a data science course. 

But despite an increase in demand from organisations for data science talent in 2021, and more people looking to further their careers by learning new skills, it’s clear from the research that there’s still an existing skills gap — with employer partners stating that it’s very difficult to recruit the right talent they need. 

With data science tools becoming more common across many sectors as a way of generating business insights, being able to use these tools and having an understanding of statistics and data analysis will become essential — highlighting the vital need to close this current skills gap.

With this in mind, Le Wagon has partnered with one of the world’s top universities, Imperial College London, to offer a new intensive, ten-week data science course that will teach the fundamental skills that employers are currently demanding, and will help professionals looking for new opportunities to start their career in data science.

This course, developed in partnership with the Data Science Institute at Imperial College London through Imperial Projects, is a full-time, online and immersive learning experience which will equip participants with the skills to explore, clean and transform data into actionable insights and to implement machine learning models from start to finish.  

Boris Paillard, CEO, Le Wagon, comments: 

“While data science skills have been sought by organisations for several years, the demand is only getting higher — especially now that many companies have had to accelerate their digital transformation projects in light of COVID-19. But becoming a data scientist requires a wide range of both technical and soft skills. By partnering with Imperial College London and bringing together a significant number of people with expertise in data science, we will be able to help teach the skills needed in an immersive, unique online format.”

Dr Mark Kennedy, Co-Director of the Data Science Institute and Director of Imperial Business Analytics at Imperial College Business School added:

“We are excited about the new co-branded intensive data science course because it will offer the participants a rapid route to marketable skills which are now in high demand to a population who might otherwise miss out. In short, by attending this course you will go from the intention to learn new skills, from classroom to market.” 

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