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Systopia, the leading order and payments solutions provider, has launched a range of innovative self-service kiosks, the first of its kind within the higher education sector, to help universities and their on-site foodservice providers to increase speed, choice and convenience across cafés, canteens and catered halls on campus, whilst reducing labour costs and driving revenue. The kiosks, which traditionally increase a consumer’s average order value by 20%, encourage students and university staff to utilise on-site facilities and appeal to those who typically take less time for lunch.

Systopia’s touch-screen self-service kiosks have been designed to emotionally engage the end user by featuring attractive graphics, slick easy-to-navigate menus and an intelligent ordering system that is intended to boost sales – for instance inviting the customer to order additional items, such as beverages or snacks. This enhanced user experience will also allow universities to better compete with high street food outlets.

The kiosks incorporate Systopia’s secure payment solution, so consumers can order and pay for their items in a quick and seamless manner. This helps to eliminate queueing time at the counter for the consumer, whilst foodservice companies can benefit from increased productivity and a streamlined workforce, which leads to substantial labour cost savings.

In addition, as the kiosks are part of a secure cloud services solution, they capture valuable business data from every transaction to deliver visibility and insight for improved business performance. This includes analysis in areas such as stock control, as well as providing rich data for in-depth reporting purposes.

As part of its managed services solution for higher education establishments, Systopia provides a choice of high-end hardware, both wall-mounted and pedestal, to suit all requirements, which are then powered by a highly innovative and customisable software platform tailored to satisfy each university or college’s needs. This includes bespoke design services to align the navigation, style and user experience to match the establishment’s product offering and brand identity.

The kiosks communicate with all the necessary peripheral devices for the management of sales transactions, such as card readers, barcode scanners and receipt printers. Users also have the option of integrating the solution with other devices, such as kitchen monitors and printers, which can improve the efficiency of work flow. In addition, the self-service kiosks enable foodservice providers to offer an ‘out of hours’ service, by incorporating functionality that permits unattended payments.

Chris Lyons, Managing Director of Systopia, said: “The introduction of self-service kiosks across other sectors has proven to be an unprecedented success, leading to a 20% increase in average receipt turnover. We are now bringing our range of innovative and customisable self-service kiosks to the higher education sector for the very first time, so universities and their foodservice providers can offer students and staff enhanced facilities across campus, whilst enjoying significant revenue growth and making considerable labour cost savings.

“This important product launch highlights our own commitment to innovation, whilst demonstrating our market leadership and a clear and progressive understanding of what is required for a university or college to successfully compete with high street food outlets.”

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