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Talented Padworth College student will have poem published in Bust a Rhyme competition

Padworth College
A talented student from independent boarding school, Padworth College, will have his poem ‘Last Night’ published amongst the poems of 100 other students nationally as part of the Young Writer’s ‘Bust a Rhyme’ Competition.
Somriddho Dasputa, an A-level student at Padworth College studying English, Government and Politics, and Psychology received a certificate from the Young Writers’ Bust a Rhyme competition for his outstanding contribution. Somriddho, who is originally from India, was inspired to write his poem after experiencing homesickness after moving across the world to study at Padworth College.
The Bust a Rhyme competition was formed by the Young Writers publishing organisation with the objective of seeing the participants giving their verses a voice. As participants are not restricted to writing about specific topics, they are able to express themselves through topics that they are passionate about.
Somriddho’s poem talks about a successful young man who has moved to the city for a better life. Yet, he misses his small town and the people in it, so one night in his dream his is transported back to the street he used to live on and sees his Mum at the door. However, by the time he reaches her, he awakes from his dream and realises that he is back in the city far away from home.
The national competition has thousands of entrants from schools throughout the country. Somriddho is delighted to have been shortlisted for publication and took much of the inspiration for imagery in his poem from the grounds of Padworth College.
“I really enjoyed writing the poem,” said Somriddo. “It was an amazing experience. I love writing. I got one of my ideas for the visual imagery used in the poem when I was sitting on a radiator in the dining hall and staring at the stable behind our school. I knew exactly where I wanted my poetic voice to be.”
Although Somriddho writes about his initial homesickness when arriving in England, his overall vision is that you can find happiness in any situation, anywhere in the world. The competition took place in February and Somriddho looks forward to seeing his work published in August.
Padworth College is an independent, international boarding school located in the South East of England, situated in an historic Berkshire country estate. Padworth provides the perfect mix of British tradition with the modernity of varied nationalities, culture and a global learning environment. The College is home to over thirty different nationalities of students.
About Padworth College: Padworth College was founded in 1963 by Oxford University tutor, Peter Fison, whose vision was to bring Oxford’s educational philosophy of tutorial teaching to school level education. Padworth aims to inspire individuality and encourage talent through a highly differentiated learning approach delivered in small classes. Padworth provides excellent and well-rounded academic and co-curricular programmes for students aged 13 to 19 (Year 9 to 13) including GCSE and A Level subjects.  For more information please visit

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