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Talented Staffordshire students showcased by Disneyland after “phenomenal” dance performance

Global showcase for young Staffordshire dancers

Schoolchildren in Staffordshire are being showcased on a prestigious high-profile global platform for the world’s largest media company.

Pupils from The Hart School in Rugeley have gone under the spotlight on no other than Disneyland’s “Perform in the Magic” website.

It comes after talented children from the school’s dance troupe gave a “phenomenal” performance at the entertainment complex in front of thousands of park guests.

Phenomenal, flawless and spine-tingling performance

After passing Disney audition tests, seven months of weekly choreography sessions and after school training they gave a “flawless” performance of a bespoke fairy-tale dance, which was described as a “spine tingling piece of work” that left the guests watching on “awestruck.”

Now a picture of the school’s troupe gracing the stage at the high-profile venue has appeared on its website to promote its Disney Performing Arts onstage programme which, as Disney states, exposes dancers to “the highest level of performance excellence”.

The Perform in the Magic website also goes on to state: “Disney Performing Arts® Onstage sets the standard for which all other performance opportunities are measured.”

A huge honour

Principal Chris Keen, who described the girls’ Disneyland performance as “phenomenal”, said: “To have been given the chance for our talented students to perform at such a high-profile requiring a very high-level of performance excellence was a huge honour in itself.

“Now to discover that our children are appearing on the website promoting Disney’s Performing Arts Onstage Programme is fantastic and a testament to the high standards and hard work of all our staff and students. As always, we are extremely proud of them all.”

The school’s dance troupe performed at Disneyland Paris in 2018 and has plans to return in the future already in the pipeline.

The Hart School Sixth Form decides its curriculum based on the needs of its intake and dance is just one of the subjects it’s excited to have added Level 3 Dance for this September in a response to listening to pupils.

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