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Technology skills boost for Scottish Borders Housing Association staff

Scottish Borders Housing Association (SBHA) teamed up with Borders College Business Development Unit recently to enhance digital skills in the workplace. Borders College Business Development Unit delivered a bespoke IT training session to 12 of SBHA’s Property Services employees.

Today’s technology advancements provide new ways of working and bring with them the need to expand on existing skills or acquire new ones. The SBHA employees, who traditionally did not use digital technology, attended an on-site training course aimed at developing their IT knowledge and gaining confidence in the use of computer-based packages.

The three-hour Navigation Skills IT session saw the employees gain an understanding of Microsoft Windows, along with learning how to access the internet. Participants also learned about sending and receiving emails, as well as the use of hardware such as the mouse and keyboard.

The course was very well received, with participants commenting:

“Great course, well taught, and I now have a lot more understanding of a computer.”

“Very good! Was not looking forward to this course but found it enjoyable and very interesting.”

“The training shone a light on the murky world of computing and this basic start-up course was very helpful.”

These employees will now feel more confident in using computers as part of their daily routine and look forward to putting their training into practice in the workplace.

Susan Trimby, Short Course Trainer, said:

“The course was particularly well received, enjoyed by all and the participants now feel more confident in using a computer in their workplace.”

Borders College Business Development Unit (BDU) focuses on assisting organisations to maximise their business potential through the development of their workforce. Through the delivery of Scottish Vocational Qualifications (SVQs) and certificated short course qualifications, the team work with staff to develop their skills, increase their performance and ultimately improve job satisfaction. The BDU delivers training to a wide range of organisations and has developed a broad portfolio to support employees wishing to improve their skills, with courses at all levels to ensure they are a one-stop shop for their customers.

Susan Rennie, Business Skills Manager at Borders College, commented:

“Borders College looks forward to continue to develop courses for SBHA, to enhance the skills of the workforce in various areas such as IT and Management.”

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