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The art of unlocking potential: SCL Professional launches

The art of unlocking potential: SCL Professional launches

@SCLeducation – last Friday saw the launch of SCL Professional 

Experts in the art of unlocking potential, SCL Professional works with businesses to create teams of individuals who positively drive business performance. The new business is already making waves in the apprenticeship industry and whilst the brand and website are new, SCL Professional forms part of the ever-growing SCL Education Group, an industry player with over 20 years’ experience.

So what do they do? In simple terms, SCL Professional focuses on apprenticeships and workforce development programmes to help organisations improve the performance of their employees. Programmes cover a broad range of industries and job types from Leadership & Management, Buying & Merchandising to Education and Sport. Whether a business is looking to develop individuals at the start of their career or to drive the skills and behaviours required to effectively lead a team, there are programmes available from level two all the way up to level five. Alongside the service offered out to partner businesses, a key priority of the business is to manage the ongoing development of the employees of the wider SCL Education Group through workforce development programmes, meaning a true understanding of client needs is at the heart of the brand.

SCL Professional already boasts an impressive client list and is aiming to continue its growth at an exciting rate. To achieve this, SCL has put together a management team consisting of industry experts and forward-thinking leaders. As Executive Chair, Carole Carson brings to SCL a wealth of experience in the education, skills and employment sectors, most recently as the CEO of training provider Babington. Commercial Director, Martin Knight, leads on strategic employer relationships and offers a 20-year background in ‘crafting the art of the possible’ to grow regional and national training providers. Lyn Bolton joins as Director of Apprenticeships and brings 15 years’ knowledge of the apprenticeship sector, with extensive experience of working with employers and Trailblazer groups to design and deliver industry leading programmes.

One key theme that the new management team are keen to demonstrate is SCL Professional’s people-powered culture, in which ‘our people become your people’. This is reflected by SCL’s partners; Maria McGrath, Head of L&D at charity Seashell Trust said that;

working closely with the team at SCL Professional to really understand our business and values, has enabled us to develop a bespoke Level 3 Team Leader Apprenticeship Programme which focuses upon the needs of our aspiring Managers/Leaders as well as our key strategic priorities”.

Apprenticeships not only upskill employees but are increasingly playing an integral role in building greater loyalty within organisations’ workforces. A survey of over 500 employers found that 56% of those surveyed reported apprentices staying longer than other recruits. In addition, 74% of employers state that apprenticeships have helped them to improve the quality of their product or service.

As the aftermath of Covid becomes clear, and we enter the ‘new normal’ it is expected that more employers will look to take advantage of the apprenticeship levy funding available and use apprenticeships to build their businesses back to full strength in 2021. On the launch of SCL Professional, Group Managing Director, Brad Rushton, said:

We are excited to officially launch and unveil this new division, alongside the new brand story. This is a great opportunity for us to further develop our SCL workforce, while supporting our partner businesses during this time, and bridge the growing gap in skillsets for the future. This is an exciting opportunity for SCL Education Group, as we break into new markets and position ourselves as a leader in training programmes and workforce development”.

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