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The new business admin standard has arrived!

Business administration is one of the UK’s most popular apprenticeships – and now it’s had a rebrand.

The new business administration apprenticeship was released this week. It’s one of the UK’s most popular apprenticeships – and for good reason. Learners who complete the course gain a highly transferable set of skills, knowledge and behaviours that can be applied in all sectors. Thousands of companies big and small need employees with these KSBs, so the new standards include all the traits of an ideal administrator – from sending emails to writing reports; problem-solving to positive thinking; initiative to integrity.

In the new standard, providers are encouraged to use an eportfolio:

‘Eportfolios are recommended to support the progress of the apprentice being monitored by relevant parties. It also limits work being lost and encourages evidence of progress to be gathered throughout the apprenticeship.’

At OneFile, we’re all eportfolio advocates. We know eportfolios make a real difference to how apprenticeships are delivered, recorded and managed – whether they’ve been officially recommended or not. That’s why we’ve developed loads of features and functions specifically for the new apprenticeship standards – from a VLE to portfolio showcase.

When it comes to this new business admin standard, using an eportfolio is essential. But even before they were officially recommended, OneFile was chosen to deliver thousands of business admin apprenticeships across the country.

OneFile lends itself perfectly to the new business admin standards. With our new gateway area and user functions, employers and training providers can work together to deliver the standards to the apprentice. OneFile also makes the new guidelines and assessment methods easy to manage.

Let us show you how.

We’ve selected some points from the new business administration assessment plan and demonstrated how OneFile can help you meet each one.

1. ‘It is recommended that the training provider should periodically make contact with the employer; typically for 15-30 minutes every 6 weeks.’

OneFile is a cloud-based platform, so multiple users can access it remotely at the same time – including the employer. With a paper-based portfolio, this is logistically impossible as it can only be in one place at a time!

The apprentice’s portfolio is also completely transparent so training providers and employers can monitor progress, send feedback and share comments. They can also create a forum for coaching and share progress via reviews. This means the training provider and employer are in constant contact which more than exceeds the recommended amount.

2. ‘Any gaps should be identified that may prevent the apprentice meeting the learning outcomes of the apprenticeship.’

Identifying gaps in apprentices’ knowledge is easy with OneFile. You can complete a skills scan for every learner, identifying their strengths and areas for improvement. Our gap analysis tool also updates in real time and displays figures in red, amber or green according to the apprentice’s progress. This makes it really easy for training providers and employers to identify any gaps and provide support to help their learners.

These are just 2 of the ways OneFile meets the guidance outlined in the business admin standard – so how’d you like to hear another 8?

To find out 10 ways OneFile makes delivering the new standard easy, download our free guide. We’ll walk you through the assessment plan, and show you how OneFile meets the new guidance.
Find out more about OneFile’s Eportfolio.

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