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Technology has embedded itself at the heart of nearly every industry across the world and one sector this is becoming increasingly prominent in is education. It is now extremely common for teachers to use technology to enhance the learning process. In fact, according to the British Educational Suppliers Association (BESA), spending on ICT is set to increase for the first time in three years to £9m to support the shift in teaching techniques.

One of the technologies that has been reviewed in recent years for use in schools has been sound systems. Typically, students would watch videos on a TV or through a computer with a built-in speaker system. Video is an excellent way of engaging with students and supporting their learning, however, built-in speakers are often not good enough to produce a strong sound that can be heard over the ambient noise and in a large space like a classroom or lecture hall.

One way of combating this is through an installed speaker system. As it is fitted directly into the walls and/or ceiling of the classroom, you can design in a wide sound dispersion that ensures everyone clearly hears any audio being played. This is particularly beneficial in large spaces such as lecture halls or assembly rooms where there a lot students. There is a lower security risk as the speakers cannot be easily stolen due to them being fitted within the structure of the building.

In addition, installed speakers are an excellent way of discreetly adding exceptional sound into a room without compromising the appearance of the space. For example, our range of award-winning speakers are covered by grilles that can be painted to match the surrounding wall or ceiling, ensuring it seamlessly blends in.

Whilst installed speakers are an excellent option for a number of educational facilities, it is not always financially viable for some schools to install a solution in each individual classroom. Many schools across the country are stretched financially and must continue to work to tighter budgets. Therefore finding a solution that will deliver a similarly high standard of sound and clarity, but at a lower initial cost, will be a high priority for some organisations.

Over recent years, soundbars have proven to be an extremely flexible and cost-effective solution. Since they are simple to install – for instance, our range only requires one HDMI cable to connect to the TV or computer and another to the mains – they can be easily shared across departments. This means schools or colleges would only need to buy a few soundbars.

For those that are concerned about security, the soundbar’s simple set up means that they can be easily locked away at the end of the day. Or, in the case of Q Acoustics, our award-winning M3 soundbar comes complete with fixing points, which enables the it to be attached to a desk or stand without a visible means of detaching it.

As well as being extremely flexible, soundbars offer an exceptional quality of sound so everyone within the room will be able to hear the audio clearly. In fact, our soundbars include BMR technology – this means that the product can be placed anywhere in the room and sound will be dispersed evenly around the entire space. This is particularly useful in exam situations where students may have to listen to audio instructions, such as in a language or mental arithmetic exam, as it guarantees every student will be able to clearly hear the questions.  

Recent developments in teaching techniques have made it clear that there is a place for technology in the classroom, however it is up to manufacturers, such as Q Acoustics, to innovate and develop a range of products that are readily available at accessible prices. Moving forwards, we will continue to work with our customers to evaluate their requirements and advise on the best solution for their needs.

By Alex Munro, Brand Director at Q Acoustics

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