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The workforce predictions for 2020

The workforce is undergoing a period of great change, as technology shifts requirements and businesses navigate a dynamic business environment find below commentary and predictions from several figures at Salesforce.


“In 2020, rapidly advancing technologies will drive fundamental change across industries and demand new skills from the workforce. Those companies who embrace these changes, and invest in developing their employees, will have set the foundation for the next evolution of the future of work. ” — Suzana DelliSanti, SVP, Futureforce & Workforce Development

“In 2020, we will see a new breed of chief marketing officer (CMO) on the rise: the “growth marketer.” These leaders are responsible not only for driving marketing performance, but also for propelling business outcomes and impacting C-level strategy.“ — Leah Pope, VP of Product Marketing, Marketing Cloud

“In 2020, we believe employees’ voices will become ever more important, resulting in increased transparency and employee involvement in business decisions. While companies will continue to make strides on women representation, they will increasingly turn their attention to other underrepresented voices such as underrepresented minorities in the U.S as well as People of Colour and People with Disabilities around the globe.” — Molly Ford, Senior Director of Global Equality Programs

“In 2020, the tech industry will continue to sharpen its focus on and invest in the intersection of equality and technology as their stakeholders increasingly hold companies accountable for the impact technology has on society and the need for diverse, global perspectives in innovation rises.” — Molly Ford, Senior Director of Global Equality Programs

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