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The Youth Voice Census is launched

The Youth Voice Census

On the 4th of July Youth Employment UK launched a Youth Voice Census, a temperature check of how young people aged 14 – 24 are feeling on a range of issues. Our aim is to get as many young people as possible to share their views and experiences on a range of issues including – careers education, work experience, social action, apprenticeships, traineeships, university and welfare. 

Given the changing policy landscape in some of these key areas and the fact that there are more than 800,000 young people still not in educaiton, employment or training (NEET) it couldn’t be more important to hear directly from young people on the issues and challlenges they face.

“Giving young people a voice on the issues and services they engage with has always been at the heart of what we do. This is a great chance for young people to tell us how they are really feeling on a number of issues” Laura-Jane Rawlings.

The information the Youth Voice Census provides will better inform all of us about the situation and circumstances young people are facing. We will be sharing the results to better inform policy, provision and resources for all young people.

We need you to share the census with young people in your network

Share the survey here

The more support we have in sharing the census the greater the response should be. With the widest range of responses from young people we will be able to create a report for all organisations working in this space to really support their own work and the young people in their network. 

More On The Youth Voice Census:

The Youth Voice Census will run twice yearly, with two reports made available to the public it explores youth employment issues including (but not limited to) careers advice, apprenticeships, social action and unemployment provision.

Built with support from The Careers and Enterprise Company, Pearson and Employers and Educators the Youth Voice Census has also sought advice from subject experts including AELP, Education and Employers, WorldSkills UK, DfE, National Citizens Service, Movement to Work, NYA, British Youth Council.

The census will remain open until 27th August 2018 and will take between 20 and 40 minutes to complete.

More About Youth Employment UK

Youth Employment UK are the leading voice and experts on youth employment issues in the UK. We work to engage employers in quality youth friendly practice, provide young people the tools to explore and develop their skills and career options as well as providing a voice on policy.

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