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This year’s school place offers – what the data tells us


This year, more than 98% of pupils starting primary school got one of their top three preferred choices. The figure for secondary schools was more than 93%.

The stats published yesterday show 92% got their first choice of primary school and 81% got their first choice of secondary school.

The stats show that for the fourth consecutive year more than 90% of parents have received offers from either their top primary choice or one of their top three secondary choices, which means a huge amount to families.

Pupils of all backgrounds are now more likely to be at a good school than they were ten years ago, so parents in all corners of the country can be confident their child will get the high-quality education every young person is entitled to.

We provide funding for all the places that are needed, based on council data. Which is why we have announced nearly £500 million to provide places needed for 2023. This funding is on top of over £8.1 billion to provide places needed from 2015 to 2022 and our investment in the Free Schools programme.

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