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TokensFor can help improve children’s learning behaviour and teacher’s wellbeing in the classroom

TokensFor Wins Backing from Teaching Professionals for Plastic Token Reward System

Based in Sheffield UK, TokensFor Limited, a leading plastic token manufacturer for schools, wins backing from educational and teaching professionals for their year on year support in schools.

TokensFor has revolutionised the plastic token industry, especially within the education sector. The plastic token supplier provides a behavioural support network and reward system for children in schools who are on the autistic spectrum. But it’s not just the children who receive the benefits; it’s the teachers too.

Teachers can experience mental health issues due to poor behaviour within the classroom. Noticeable psychological impacts include lost teaching time, decrease in teacher job satisfaction, poor teacher recruitment and retention, and stress and mental health.

34% of teachers claimed that poor pupil behaviour has resulted in a direct impact on mental health problems. Almost 1 in 10 teaching professionals take time off due to stress and coping with such behaviour. (Association of Teachers and Lecturers – ATL).


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The plastic token reward system motivates children to learn with enjoyment while improving the wellbeing of teachers, subsequently, providing a boost of moral for learning in the classroom.

The feedback we have had from teaching professionals is exceptionally positive. Tangible rewards as part of a token economy system are beneficial in instructing children with needs and how to manage their behaviour.

Receiving a physical token of praise has been proven as an excellent way of reinforcing that the behaviour a child has shown is positive. It also works to motivate children to continue with that behaviour in the future”, Amy Coghlan, Sales & Marketing Manager, TokensFor

Studies have found that plastic tokens offer improvement and positive behaviour in the classroom for children on the autistic spectrum.

Dr Jemma Taylor, an educational psychologist, has applauded the use of plastic tokens within schools. She believes that if children are physically handed something that they can hold, it enables us to understand that they have been rewarded.

There is evidence to suggest that ‘concrete’ resources such as plastic tokens could help enforce the reward system in school.

Children experiencing difficulties with attachment often need help trusting that they will get the reward that they are promised”, Dr Jemma Taylor

TokensFor has released full studies on how plastic tokens help improve children’s learning behaviour and teacher’s wellbeing in the classroom on their website.

TokensFor will continue to provide support for the education sector and look forward to seeing how their signature products further progress leaning behaviour in UK schools.

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