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Experts debunk common apprenticeship myths in an effort to encourage more school-leavers to sign up

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  • No longer just a career pathway to become a plumber or construction worker, there are now apprenticeship opportunities available in a range of industries
  • Some of the most exciting apprenticeships currently available include working for Mickey Mouse, creating new ice cream flavours for Unilever or training to be a nuclear submarine engineer for the Ministry of Defence
  • Career experts reveal why apprenticeships need to be considered more as a next-step option

Averaging 22,000 Google searches last month, interest in ‘apprenticeships’ is piquing across the UK, so it’s time to debunk the misunderstandings that come with this career choice.

They may have been first introduced to the UK as far back as 1563, but there’s nothing mediaeval about apprenticeships in 2023. 

That’s why the student review website, RateMyApprenticeship, is setting the record straight and debunking stereotypical apprenticeship myths to ensure school leavers and their parents, career changers or anyone else has all the information they need for an educated decision on their future.

Top Apprenticeship Myths Debunked

Apprenticeships are just for tradespeople

In the last year, over 3000 search engine users asked ‘what types of apprenticeships can you do?’ many of which would have been under the illusion you can only be a trade apprentice. However, the range of schemes on offer has increased significantly. Now, there are programmes available in over 1,500 different job roles, across 170 sectors.

Those who go to university are always better off

For careers in many different industries, going to university isn’t always the fastest route. Apprentices receive on-the-job training, as well as earning the qualifications that are required for a particular profession. They are work-ready!

University degrees are needed for most jobs

Not long ago, if you headed to university, you were considered to be at an advantage over those who hadn’t. No more. The UK now has more graduates than it has graduate jobs.  For most other highly-skilled professions there are alternative pathways that avoid tuition fees. 

University is the best route for high achievers

More and more students with top A levels are choosing to do apprenticeships. Organisations that offer the most sought-after graduate schemes also offer apprenticeships. Students who would usually go to university and then apply for a graduate scheme are starting work immediately after they leave school or college.

Apprenticeship qualifications are worthless

All apprentices work towards a qualification, regardless of what type of scheme they are enrolled on. These qualifications are recognised nationally by both employers and higher education institutions

Apprenticeships are only for school leavers

You can do a degree apprenticeship that combines on-the-job training with studying for a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree – the best of both worlds! There are four main types of apprenticeship available to choose from, from GCSE level to degree. In fact, there are levels including intermediate, advanced, higher and degree,

Apprenticeships are badly paid

In fact, an apprenticeship salary can be a big positive on the pro/con list for choosing an apprenticeship as your next career step. RateMyApprenticeship’s recent study into the highest-paid apprenticeship salary locations across the UK revealed apprentices in Sunderland were earning £49,758 on average. Compared to the average graduate job salary in 2023 of £26,740

Apprenticeships are a thing of the past

Companies and industries are quickly learning that the more entry options they can offer potential candidates, the wider scope of talent they’re going to acquire. Some of the most exciting apprenticeships available include working for companies such as the Premier League, the Ministry of Defence or, even, Walt Disney.

Apprenticeships are boring

Apprenticeships are not just full-time education but, instead, balance theory and practical work where you can put what you learn into practice on the job. If you’re looking for variety in your day-to-day then apprenticeships can offer just that. 

Apprenticeships are only available in vocational industries

There is now an apprenticeship for every type of job you might be looking for. Whether you’re looking to cook up a storm as an apprentice Chef, save lives with an NHS apprenticeship or even work to develop new ice cream flavours as a food professional apprentice – there’s an apprenticeship waiting for your application.

Early careers expert, Oliver Sidwell, commented, “University is no longer the only route to success, apprenticeships are a great way to get the best of both worlds of on-the-job training and continuous development. Industries are adapting to this and expanding their apprenticeship offering and it’s the perfect time for young people or career-changers to really look into apprenticeship positions and make more informed decisions on their next steps.”

To discover more of what you’re missing when it comes to apprenticeships, RateMyApprenticeship is offering a tell-all on this fantastic career opportunity.

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