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Tribepad partners with IPC Europe to support recruitment across Subway® stores in Europe

Almost 20,000 jobs protected

Tribepad (@TribePad), the leading enterprise talent acquisition software provider, has today announced a new partnership with IPC Europe, the independent non-profit making organisation owned by Subway Franchisees in Europe. The new partnership will see IPC Europe – which provides purchasing and support services to over 4,500 Subway Franchisees across Europe, use Tribepad’s award winning Applicant Tracking Software (ATS), to help Subway stores attract and retain the right talent.

IPC Europe is harnessing Tribepad’s ATS, to automate recruiting. The ATS will ensure all recruiting processes remain consistent and are managed efficiently, so that Subway stores can find the most suitable candidate for each role.

Tribepad’s ATS cuts time to recruit and finds the best candidates quickly. The ATS enables hiring managers and recruiters to track an applicant journey, creating configurable job listings, as well as attract the best talent with unbeatable candidate experience. The platform can then schedule interviews and streamline all candidate communication.

Tribepad’s ATS is currently used by Subway Franchisees across the UK and Ireland and has seen successful results for recruiting across its stores. After witnessing this success, IPC Europe has brought on Tribepad to expand this service for Franchisees across Europe to help streamline its recruiting methods and source the best talent.

By harnessing Tribepad’s ATS, IPC Europe is also able to manage all applications through utilising Tribepad’s smarter analytics tool. Using real-time data, IPC Europe can easily report on diversity compliance, time-to-hire, cost of acquisition and source optimisation to ensure they are fulfilling a smooth overall hiring experience – for both Subway hiring managers and candidates.

Dean Sadler, CEO at Tribepad, comments:

“As Europe and the rest of the world come to terms with the pandemic economy, businesses will likely become inundated with applications as unemployment rises. By automating the hiring process through our ATS, Subway is able to manage this influx of applications, and provide a unified, easy-to-use hiring experience across a number of European territories, to find the best talent out there for them.”

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