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TWO-THIRDS of UK students are influenced by lower tuition fees during a general election

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Key Facts

  • A new study has revealed that two-thirds of students would vote in a general election based on which party promised lower tuition fees.
  • The same proportion feel high tuition fees DO NOT provide value for money.
  • Data is revealed as millions of students start or return to university

A new study has revealed the nation’s student population are overall dissatisfied with the high tuition fees demanded by universities, with two-thirds (68%) feeling they do not get value for money with their degree.

The study, conducted by Dig-In, also found that 60% of students are worried about leaving university with debt. Current tuition fees in England are up to £9,250 per year, with an estimated total debt of £52,878 after three years of studying, including student loans.

A shocking 81% of students feel that universities should be doing more to justify the fees they charge, with many also complaining they don’t have enough hours of contact time.

University fees reached an all-time high following a controversial hike announced by the Coalition government in 2012.

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Party policies could also affect the way the student population vote in a general election, as two-thirds (61%) would choose which party to vote for if they offered lower tuition fees.

Despite paying up to £9,250 per year in tuition fees, a staggering 30% of students receive eight or less hours of contact time per week. Only 17% of students have 17 or more hours of contact time.

The data is revealed as millions of students prepare to return or start university in the UK, with ONS figures showing the full-time student population has almost hit 2 million, in spite of tuition fee rises.

To view the study in full, please click here

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