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Ufi Charitable Trust Supports #LearningatWorkWeek

Rebecca Garrod-Waters, Chief Executive at Ufi Charitable Trust

The way we learn is changing. The classroom is not the final point at which we are expected to acquire new skills and expand our knowledge. All of us must continue learning throughout our careers, and companies are increasingly focussing on supporting their employees through this process.

This is why Ufi Charitable Trust is a keen advocate of Learning at Work Week. For 19 years the annual event has been raising awareness about the benefits that vocational learning offers both employers and employees.

I am personally excited to see the increasing focus that Learning at Work Week is placing on the role of technology. More and more, we are seeing advanced uses of technology improving vocational learning outcomes, from helping employers to identify skills gaps within their companies to provide employees with the necessary tools to fill these gaps.

Technology is also helping solve a lot of the challenges that are being faced within companies like motivating and encouraging learning and allowing employees to better understand their development. This is why vocational technology is at the heart of Ufi’s investment focus.

Through its funded projects, Ufi has helped to develop companies that provide many examples of how tech can help learning.

We greatly support Learning at Work Week and its promotion of innovation in vocational learning, enabling more people to gain more skills in the workplace.

Rebecca Garrod-Waters, Chief Executive at Ufi Charitable Trust

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