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Walsall College students’ work experience assignment creates lasting impression at Academy school

While Willenhall E-Act Academy students were on their Easter break, @Walsall_College students were redecorating some of their building.

10 painting and decorating students teamed up with the Academy’s facilities supervisors for a five-day placement. This involved giving facelifts to corridor walls, stairways and classroom doors. They were also repainting parts of the sports hall and canteen; working in small groups and following social distancing guidelines throughout.

John Nicholson, Regional Facilities Manager at E-Act said: “We know hands-on experience is extremely beneficial to young people starting out in their chosen field. We were happy to demonstrate how teams like ours work around the school timetable to maintain our welcoming and inspiring environment.

“This has been a positive experience all round. One which we hope to repeat with other college students in future.”

Lucy Powers is a former Willenhall E-Act Academy student now studying at the college.

She said: “I’ve been back to the school a couple of times to catch-up with some of teachers, but never imagined being here like this. I’ve enjoyed talking more to the facilities staff, asking them about the different jobs they’ve taken on.

“There’s a certain energy involved in doing something like this,” Lucy added. “It’s one of the reasons why I’ve chosen this career. I’m hoping this experience will help me find work in the near future.”

Fellow college student, Damien Welch said: “This is the first chance any of us have had to spend so much time with other professionals and in such a large building. We’ve all taken responsibility for certain jobs, dividing up our time and organising who did what. We’re all impressed with how much we achieved.

“It’s been useful to see how other people do things, understanding what processes work best and why. There’s been lots to learn, so we’ve appreciated the chance to be here.”

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