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What to expect from results day 2021

Joe Crossley, CEO at Qube Learning

Results days can be a daunting prospect and this year is no different, as Students wait for their teacher assessed grades (TAGs) for GCSEs and A-levels. Owing to Covid-19, it is the second consecutive year exams have been stopped, leaving many people unsure of what their imminent future looks like, but a CEO of leading national Recruitment and Training Solutions Provider, says ‘this should not be a barrier to success’ (@QubeLearning).

Joe Crossley heads up an organisation that encourages raw talent to be seen through Traineeships, Apprenticeships, and other educational programmes. He says: ‘It is important young people know the range of learning paths available to them and understand that school, college, and university are not the only credible routes out there. Not passing exams does not equate to failure. I left school without any qualifications and now sit as a CEO at one of the top training providers in the UK. My top advice for those expecting results who are not able to or do not want to continue in conventional education, is:

  • Look at alternative ways of learning and earning. A Traineeship is a training programme designed to prepare you for your future career. They not only give you an opportunity to sample what it’s like to work in a certain industry or sector while gaining a qualification, they also help you learn the essential skills that Employers want and need from their workforce, helping improve your chances of getting an Apprenticeship or other job with them. Not only will a Traineeship help you build your CV, but they offer you:
    • Work experience with a guaranteed interview at the end of your placement.
    • Work preparation training, giving you the skills and confidence needed to take the first step in your career, and Maths and English support so you can develop these skills further, if required.
    • If you want to work but feel a little unsure of your skills and would benefit from some hands-on experience, a Traineeship could be just right for you. All you need is to be keen to work, unemployed or working less than 16 hours a week, aged 16-24 with no qualifications at Level 3 (qualifications from college or sixth form), and a positive attitude.
    • You won’t get paid doing a Traineeship, although your Employer will sometimes cover the cost of things like food and travel (expenses). However, your Employer will be covering the cost of the Traineeship programme and associated qualifications.
  • An Apprenticeship is designed to enhance your level of competency and confidence, allowing you to upskill within your current role by developing your practical skills and knowledge.
  • An Apprenticeship will provide you with several great tangible benefits, whether you are an existing employee in a business or someone who has just left school or college.
  • Your training will either be funded by your Employer or through a co-investment between the government and your Employer, which means you can avoid the large debts associated with going to university.
  • Earning a wage as you learn new skills, getting paid holidays, plus bank holidays, taking a fast route into a career with good prospects, while working alongside experienced staff with the support of a mentor.
  • Receiving practical, on-the-job work experience that will put you ahead of the competition.
  • Gaining knowledge of how your chosen industry works to see whether it is really what you want to pursue as a career.
  • Gaining a nationally recognised qualification, which is highly attractive to your current and future employers.
  • Having a plan can really help and if you don’t know what you want to do, then think about what you enjoy – I like talking and working with people, so retail was a good starting point for me. If there’s a trade or sector you are interested in, then investigate what you need to do to get into it.

Gaining invaluable experience can allow personal and professional growth and can lead on to life-changing events. Working with organisations like Youth Employment UK help us generate noise on the great opportunities we have for young people across many sectors. We look to reveal true talent. A person is more than results or merits on a CV’.

Qube Learning is proud to be an OFSTED grade 2 (Good) Recruitment and Training Solutions Provider that works with hundreds of Employers across the country to deliver a range of training and qualifications to a multitude of Students. If you are interested in finding out more about the positive opportunities an Apprenticeship or Traineeship can bring through Qube Vision and eLearning, either as a Student or an Employer, then speak with the experts at Qube Learning.

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