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What Up and Coming Tech Areas Are Ready to Hit the Mainstream?

@Bruntwood_UK are exploring top tech sectors to understand which areas may be the next big thing 

While it’s easy for a tech business to remain in the familiar wheelhouse of their sector-specific skills, it’s equally as crucial to keep one eye on the up and coming, grassroots tech that could disrupt your sector.

The commercial property specialist Bruntwood SciTech have recently released a new infographic analysing the emerging tech trends to help tech businesses keep their finger on the ever-evolving pulse of the market.

Utilising Exploding Topics, a specialist industry research tool of their own design, the company analysed millions of online conversations to pinpoint which sectors have the strongest potential for major growth.

The top trending topics in the tech space worth focusing on are:

  • Financial Security Software.
  • Money Management Software.
  • Mobility Tech.
  • Cryptocurrency Software.

A Bruntwood SciTech spokesperson had this to say,

“We looked into millions of global conversations online to see what technologies are ready to become the next industry disrupters.”

“It’s always worth keeping your finger on the pulse of the industry; it’s the only way to be prepared for the ‘next big thing’ in tech.”

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