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Where are they now? Former Itchen College student Daisy Cross tells us all about her college experience and exciting career journey

Daisy Cross

We caught up with former Itchen College (@ItchenCollege) student Daisy Cross to find out about the incredible work she has been doing since concluding her studies at Itchen. Daisy is currently a second year TV Production student and a freelance videographer for her own business DaisCmedia. She is also the UK Marketing & Communications Officer for HERA, an organisation fighting to end slavery by offering education, training and mentoring to women survivors of modern slavery, human trafficking and exploitation. We asked Daisy to tell us more about her career journey and her experience studying at Itchen College.

I really struggled in school. I tried my hardest, but being timed on reading and writing exams under time pressure as a dyslexic is as easy as getting water to freeze over a hot flame! My family was so supportive, so I didn’t think for a second that I couldn’t be successful regardless of the results and restrictions, and I think that’s why I was able to remain so hopeful and motivated. I really wanted to defend people and give them a voice. That’s why I pursued Law at Itchen, and how I met Linda Arnold, my Law teacher. Linda saw my potential, stuck by me and never let me give up. She made me mentally stronger and gave up a lot of her time to help me. She is an incredible teacher and I’m grateful I was in her classes for the three years that I studied Law. Law was where I discovered my passion to defend those who needed it and to dig deeper into real life world issues.

On the 4th May 2017, my dad passed away unexpectedly. Everything was very strange from that point onwards. I’ve always been a strong person, but I had no choice now. Linda really helped me during this time. I came out of my second year with the highest marks but also the best marks I’d ever received in my life.

In my third year, I took Business Studies alongside my final year of Law. There’s no denying that I was struggling with my mental health pretty badly at this point, but I pushed myself and didn’t give up. The Business Studies course confirmed that I am a very driven and determined person. I’m eager to be successful, creative, to run my own business, and be my own boss.

I can’t put into words how thankful I am to Sarah Darch (my Business teacher). She really fought for me and made sure I didn’t give up. She also helped me realise that there’s more to life, and that if I worked hard enough, I could do anything I put my mind to.

In the end I did it! I got amazing grades in Law and Business and did what I knew I could. I was determined to do well, and so I did, but I couldn’t have done so without Linda and Sarah helping me every step of the way.

I had a year out after college to get my head together, really consider my options and where I wanted to be in life. University was never an option before, but I took a leap of faith and decided to combine my hobbies and passions together to find the perfect career choice. When I look back now, I can see how the Law and Business courses shaped who I am. I got here today because they helped me understand myself in ways I never fully did before. That’s what has led me to taking TV Production at university as I want to pursue documentary making. Everything I did and the courses I took all add up. Deep down I knew what I wanted but I just needed help finding it. I wanted to give others a voice, had an interest in filming, and a strong desire to be a successful business woman. I would not be in this position doing what I love today if it wasn’t for everything that I learnt throughout my time studying Law with Linda and Business with Sarah.

I am currently the UK Marketing & Communications Officer for HERA. I joined HERA because one of my biggest goals in life is to help others, give hope, inspire and make a positive difference to the way others see things. HERA is so much more than just a charity; everyone involved has a passion and a real connection to the missions and values.

My videography business is called DaisCmedia. One of the projects I’ve been working on over the last year is a mental health and wellbeing documentary. I’m working with over twenty individuals to help share their stories and spread awareness of the struggles people face on a daily basis. Although COVID-19 hasn’t been so kind to my business, I’ve been able to incorporate my skills in content creating at HERA, alongside continuing my TV Production course at university.

“Strive for excellence, not perfection” is a quote that carries a lot of meaning for me. Not only does it encourage me every day, but it reminds me that it’s ok to make mistakes. Failure isn’t the end, it’s just another stepping stone in my journey.’

We’d like to congratulate Daisy on her incredible work and achievements so far and wish her continued success in the future.

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