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World’s fastest-growing online teaching community unveils added functionali

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World’s fastest-growing onlineteaching community unveils added functionality

Promethean Planet’s 325,000members witness exciting upgrade


Blackburn, England, 16 June2009 – Today Promethean,a global leader in interactive education technology solutions, announces theeagerly awaited Promethean Planet 2.0. Set to be previewed in the US late June, globalavailability is expected in the coming months. Promethean Planet is the world’s fastest growingonline interactive whiteboard community, designed to provide teachers with theability to share new and innovative lessons, access a wide variety ofprofessional development materials and connect with each other from everycorner of the world.

Promethean Planet 2.0 will address the modern-day educator’sgrowing needs via a slicker and quicker browsing experience, personalisationtools such as the ‘My Folder’ online bookmark function and an enhanced socialnetworking functionality, offering private and public groups through ‘MyPlanet’. An improved online store features exciting new premium content fromNational Geographic and a range of leading education names, while an excitingnew iPhone™ application permits instant access to Planet news, forum posts,blog articles and live feeds.

Future releases of localisedsites afford greater options for global educators with Portuguese, Arabic andChinese joining the already popular French, Italian and German sites.

Strong partnerships withleading education publisher names, such as Dorling Kindersley and Scholastic,have resulted in innovative digital premium content for the ActivClassroom:ActivPacks and ActivLessons. In tandem with the Promethean Planet 2.0 launch, Promethean Planet has developedsite licence offers for selected premium content, available for Local Authoritywide purchases.

A flagship feature of PrometheanPlanet 2.0 is NationalGeographic’s iExplorer! ActivLessons, a series of interactive lessons based onthe hugely popular Young Explorer! magazines, specifically designed for childrenfrom Early Years to Key Stage One.

Brent Taggart, Head of GroupStrategy & Promethean Planet, explains: “The phenomenal success ofPromethean Planet, which currently boasts nearly 350,000 registered educators,is largely due to its members. Their active involvement in the site, ideas andcomments played a huge part in the redesign and launch of Promethean Planet2.0.

“Our intention is to addressthe needs of modern-day educators by offering a range of tools that enablegreater understanding of education technology while supporting currentcurricula. Our new look Promethean Planet contains everything today’s ‘digitalteachers’ need to realise their true potential – plus a rapidly growing peergroup that can answer any education question that may arise!”

Promethean Planet 2.0 will be introducing these features andmore over the coming months, for further information please visit


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